Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Happy Bettis Family

Aunt Cle
Stellar's "I'm The Big Sister" Shirt
The Going Home outfit
Happy Great-Grandmother
Daddy's Girl

Dressed for her first photo shoot
Cousin Allye
Hangin out with Daddy

The Talbot Family
The WHOLE Talbot Family

Gettin her first bath and heat-up

Eevi Bliss Talbot cookies
the going home outfit with Aunt Cle's crochet blanket
My celebratory
Elizabeth Talbot, Amanda Payne, and Lauren Talbot in front of the diaper wreath that Amanda and Lauren made.
Almost "Go-Time"
the Bettis family anxiously waiting

Parents soon-to-be
Nothing like a preparational mani and pedi
The baby's first night on the monitor

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